Every Main Sonic Game Ranked, Worst to Best

Sega has yet to release an official timeline, leaving fans to speculate about the precise chronology and canonicity of “Sonic” titles. That introduction to new hardware also allowed for a new generation to discover the fastest thing alive for themselves. To kids who had never owned a Sega system before, they saw a new game that magazines and games media were pushing hard. I remember reading an issue of Nintendo Power where Sonic the Hedgehog was boldly on the cover and a huge portion of the magazine was dedicated to his Nintendo debut.

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  • The only complaints were the short length of the game and a few of the levels being more annoying than fun.
  • As the name implies, Sonic Generations features classic and modern Sonic teaming together to run through some of the most iconic levels in the franchise’s history.

In the movie, he dabbles with the possibility of using the Emerald’s power for his own selfish good. By the end of the movie, the character has undergone a change and becomes the great protector Knuckles that fans know and love. This reflects the arc the character had in his first handful of game appearances. Knuckles’ Chaotix was released for the failed Sega 32x in 1995.

Nintendo Switch

Not only is it a glitchy, buggy mess, but the failed reboot spends way too much time taking the ridiculously melodramatic narrative seriously and culminates with Sonic kissing Princess Elise . So why does this game have him racing a zoo full of pals on hoverboards? It’s like late-’80s Back to the Future 2 nostalgia meets late ‘90s classic Sonic ‘tude in the mid-aughts, and it quickly runs out of gas. play sonic games If you want to play a good Sonic racer, check out 2012’s Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. The game’s original zones and content showcase the inner thoughts of fans who had clearly spent decades wondering what the next 2D Sonic would’ve looked like, had they persisted onto the Saturn or Dreamcast. It’s a wonderful love letter to the series – and now the best game in the series – by a hair.

You’ll see yourself dashing through levels while delivering mighty blows to each enemy who crosses your path. The enemies in this game are more brutal than the opponent’s sonic fights in his games. These enemies pack immense strength and can kill you instantly without issue. Sunblaze is a heroic platforming title full of spunk and heroism. The game follows Josie, the daughter of a retired superhero, who visits her father’s training simulation room sometimes.


In terms of fighting style, Knuckles focuses on power, using straight, repetitive and forceful punches, such as power-packed jabs or piercing uppercuts to deal critical blows to his opponents. For stronger strikes, Knuckles tends to build up momentum with his fists by swinging them around, before hitting his opponent in full force. By taking advantage of his burrowing abilities, Knuckles can even hide underground before hitting opponents with an uppercut from below when his opponent least expects it.

Sonic Frontiers

I hope I’ve shown you the right facts, figures, and opinions to give you the full scoop on Sonic and his future. If there are still any die-hard Sonic fans out there, then it’s up to them to keep the Blue Blur alive. At Sonic Forces’ release, SEGA’s stock sat at $3.1860 per share. After the game was out for a few weeks, the stock went down to ~$3.07.